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Thursday Jun 15,2017

Gymversary Payton-2 & Jennifer Re-1 & mark w-1 & Tommy H-1
Welcome Kelsey
Run, C+J LadderMax: Clean Max

Run, C+J Ladder

Part A: 1 mile Run (2,000 m Row)  

Part B: Clean + Jerk Ladder  

Two minute rest before the last athlete to complete the run is first athlete to begin the ladder. Each athlete performs one lift each minute in the ladder before advancing to the next lift.  

Weight: 65-75-95-115-135-155-185-205-225-245-265  

*Score is max weight lifted. If unable to complete C+J at prescribed weight, athletes move to Deadlifts to continue to work up the ladder  

If mile time is greater then  

7 min deduct 10 pounds  
8 min deduct 20 pounds  
9 min deduct 30 pounds  
10 min deduct 40 pounds  
11 min deduct 50 pounds

0% 0%
1st125 Linda W Thu,Jun 15,2017
2nd115 Morgan J Thu,Jun 15,2017
Lilian Thu,Jun 15,2017
3rd110# Josie Thu,Jun 15,2017
1st245 Buster Thu,Jun 15,2017
2nd225 Scott Shap Thu,Jun 15,2017
John New Thu,Jun 15,2017
3rd205 Randall B Thu,Jun 15,2017
Courey Thu,Jun 15,2017

Lourdes65 Rx
Andrea A45 Rx
Jackie65 Rx
Julie Sm95 Rx
Morgan J115 Rx
Randall B205 Rx 8:38 Mile, 225 C+J
Scott Shap225 Rx 6:45 mile
Corey S125 Rx 9:07 mile, 155 C+J, 185 clean twice no jerk
Levi195 Rx 205
Melissa S125  row for run
Lance H175 Rx row 7:29
Brice195 Rx 205 C&J 7:50 mile
Eric M125 Rx 7:56 mile, 135 CJ, 265 DL
Lilian115 Rx 8:50 mile
Tami35 for all  11:37
Cary35 Rx 11mile, 75c&j, 185DL
John New225 Rx 8 minute mile
Buster245 Rx 8 minute mile
Chelsea55 Rx 8:32 mile. 75 c&j, PR clean 95#, 155 DL
Linda W125 Rx 9:22 mile, 155CJ, 265DL
Oscar145# Rx 7:39 mile, 155 CJ, 265 DL
Maggie55# Rx 8:33 mile DL 185#
Courey205 Rx run-6:48 w/ heavy vest PR
Josie110# Rx 10:05 row/245 dl
Kathy N85 Rx 9:50, 155dl
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