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Tuesday Oct 17,2017

Happy Birthday Wanda
Max: Bench Press 1RMLadder8: DL, DU

Bench Press 1RM

Max: Weight
Establish a 1 rep max Bench Press
(control at the top / control at the bottom)

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Lourdes65 Rx
Chris K215 Rx
Randall B285 Rx
Kelly S95 Rx 12th
Jyl165 Rx 1st
Mike G225 Rx
Scott Shap245 Rx
Glen G265 Rx 9th
Aaron W205 Rx 19th
Jim E165 Rx 24th New PR :)
Ellen75 Rx 16th
Erin W105 Rx
Cody G195 Rx 20th PR
Courey245 Rx
Jackson230 Rx 15th
Sallie90 Rx 13th
Blake M110 Rx 9th
Alexis110 Rx 9th
Mercedes105 Rx 10th
Dalia60 Rx 19th
Josie105# Rx 10th
Eric M145 Rx 26th
Kathy N85 Rx 14th attempted 90
Alex Ga295 Rx 8th
Beth J75 Rx 16th
Tommy P245 Rx 13th
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