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JoseJan 29,2018
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Monday Jan 8,2018

  We are gearing up for a productive 2018. To lay the frame work for our success we start our 30 Day Nutrition Challenge Monday January 8th. Our challenge is based off of a point system. The goal is to reduce inflammation and convert fat to fuel for the body. Saturday January 6th (9:00 am and 11:00 am) we will host 2 Nutrition Workshops with handouts and time for individual questions and answers about the Challenge.
  Our test in and test out WOD this year will be Fran. Will will run heats of Fran Saturday between our Workshops and again on Monday for those unable to attend Saturday.
  A large part of our individual success exist through the accountability of our community. Follow our social media for updates, recipes and motivation. How we tackle January will set the stage for the rest of the year.

Signiture: DIANEBS: 5 x 3 TempoGirl: Fran


Signiture: Time-Rx3
For Time
21-15-9 reps of
Deadlifts 225/155
     Rx2: 155/95
     Rx3: 95/65
Handstand Push-Ups      
     Rx2: 1 plate + 1 abmat
     Rx3: Flash Push-ups

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Lourdes14:58 Rx2 41st 155#
Chris K8:22 Rx3 155 DL
Roger R6:03 Rx 17th
Jyl6:41 Rx 8th
Trent4:00 Rx2 50th DL 155#
Lance H5:08 Rx3 225# fpu
Ellen7:49 Rx2 31st 2:56
Jonell8:19  35#, ring rows
Jim L6:23 Rx3 69th 155# dl
Jim E8:17 Rx3 71st 55lbs, pull ups, thrusters
Mike G6:34 Rx2
Sandra O10:22 Rx2 135dl, plate & mat hspu
Bryan R12:43 Rx2 did both, diane 4:01
Adrian8:19 Rx 30th
Kari M11:58 Rx 20th
Alex Ga6:11 Rx 18th
Shannon10:17  121st 135# DL and pike box push ups
Sallie6:33 Rx2 28th 115#dl-at perim
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Jeff R 2:42pm

Jeff R 2:46pm