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Monday Mar 18,2013

Happy Birthday Kalli


3 Rounds
5 Stations each Round
1 min each Station
1 min rest between Rounds

Power Snatch 75/55   Rx2: 55/35  
Box Jump 24/20         Rx: 20/18
Thrusters  75/55        Rx2: 55/35
Chest To Bar              Rx2: Ring rows

''Fight Gone Bad Format''

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Shawn La119  65lb
Paul Br142  55# Instead 75. Blue Band on Chest 2 Bar.
John P135 Rx
Jim C143  20box, pushups
Trina79  45#
Bekah146  red band c2b
Buster192 Rx
Shane D173 Rx
Lance H149 Rx
Jim L166  35# blue band
Jerry C143 Rx
Claudia B115  35# ps, 6in bj, red/gr pu
Sandra R128  35# ps, 6in bj, red/gr pu
Jonell135#  35# ps, 6in bj, red/black pu
Chad C126  blue bands on pull ups
Susan J156  35#, 6'bj,green/red pu
Craig H184 Rx
Mike G228 Rx
Nathan L183 Rx
Cliff137 Rx
Sarah Mc156  Attempted C2B looked more like neck to bar!! Ha!!
Kim B193  45#, red band
Sharon G177  45#, 6 in (2 45#), black/red bds
David V170 Rx
Melissa B172  35#, 12' box, grn band
Tommy P140 Rx
William B151 Rx
Gene207 Rx
Robert A140 Rx
Thomas S188 Rx With Training Mask at 6K'
Corey B201 Rx
Grace P131  35lbs/black/12in
Ronnie209 Rx
Jessica J108  red blue band 18' box
John Re201 Rx intense
Josh P180 Rx
Ryan F194 Rx Maybe paced myself a little too much
Bobby S170 Rx
Jessica Ga175  #45, step up BJ, G/R band
Nathan J218 Rx
Morgan J162  green band everything else RX
Ryan M207 Rx On 3 hrs of sleep
Marlene205  45#, green band, step ups
Donna151  red,green bands, 25#, 15' box
Blake M140 Rx yay C2B!!!
Kim K148  green&red band, 12' box, RX weight
Chris W173  not all were chest to bars
Jeff R213 Rx
Tabatha162  Blue band
Bryan H138  No band, getting close on C2B
John T136 Rx
Stan127  knees up, 18 in. box jump
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