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Wednesday Sep 4,2013

Clean + Jerk 1RMClean, FS, T2B Other Posted Results

Clean + Jerk 1RM

Establish 1 rep max Clean + Jerk
(Squat Clean or Power Clean)

*Press Out is a No Rep

100% 0%
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Debbi60# bar Rx 21st
Terri105 Rx 12th
Michael I175 Rx 14th
Dan E245 Rx
Wendy80 Rx new PR
Katie Ba65 Rx
Jim C135 Rx 20th
Glen G185 Rx
Nate170 Rx
Bobby K170 Rx 16th
Karen G100 Rx 13th
Scot165 Rx 17th new PR!
Lance H195 Rx
Susan J70# Rx
Mike G185 Rx PR... need to work on second dip (get lower)
Julie Se105 Rx I think I could've gotten 110 or 115, but need to work on the jerk portion of this before moving up to heavier wt so I'm not pressing it out.
Lisa S85 Rx 16th cleaned 95
Jamie S225 Rx
Nathaniel225 Rx
Craig H205 Rx
Cliff165 Rx 17th
Josh P220 Rx 8th
Kim B95 Rx 14th
Tammie65lbs. Rx
Linda W150 Rx
Nathan J195 Rx PR
Ryan F170 Rx 16th PR
Tom T175 Rx
Kaitlin70 rx Rx 19th Couldn't get 75 in a clean
Nicole P105 Rx
Mariah120 Rx 9th pr for cleans and jerks
Janet80 Rx 17th
Corey B185 Rx 13th
Charles D205 Rx
Brian St225 Rx 7th early pulls
Beth J75 Rx New pr!
Jamie C135 Rx 20th
Marlene80 Rx
John T180 Rx
Jenn80 Rx 17th
Results Posted: 40
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