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Thursday Oct 10,2013

Happy Birthday Jeff W
DU, BJ, KBCashout: Push & TwistComp: COMP 10.10.13Comp: WB, Sntch, DU, DLAWL: AWL 17.1Clean + Jerk 1RM


5 Rounds for Time:  
 40 Double-Unders  Rx2(Double-Under Attempts)
 30 Box Jumps  Rx(24/18)
 20 Kettlebell Swings  Rx(70/53)  Rx2(53/35)

0% 0%
1st23:48 Laura P Thu,Oct 10,2013
2nd24:41 Jyl Thu,Oct 10,2013
3rd20:04 2Lori Thu,Oct 10,2013
1st21:05 John New Thu,Oct 10,2013
2nd21:39 Buster Thu,Oct 10,2013
3rd24:55 Kyle N Thu,Oct 10,2013

George J23:04 Rx2 53lbs on KB Swings
Debbi29:17  25lb kb 12' bx
Kelly U22:06  singles, 26# kb
Glen G28:42 Rx2 53 KB's
Nate28:12 Rx2 1R DU; 4R singles; 53# KB
Jyl24:41 Rx 20 inch box jump
Cat30:20  2 rnds du's;16 box; 25#kb
Jim L25:23  masters 3 rounds
Jim E25:56  3 rnds, masters
Jerry C26:02  3 rnds masters
Kaci23:24 Rx2 1st 2 rounds at 53#kb
Lori20:04 Rx2 35#kb
Bennett31:52 Rx2 53#KB
Tom T37:14 Rx2 53# KB, 24'box
Mike G47:54 Rx lots of singles, DU attempts - only counted actuals (as ugly as they were)
Jamie S59:50 Rx2
Kevin25:49 Rx
Susan J27:20  3 rnds, msters, 18# kb, plates, no dbl undrs out of 120 tries, sad
Ronnie19:55  Think I only did 30 dU's on 3,4,5 rounds. ???
Laura P23:48 Rx 20'box 3 rds18 x2
John Re25:04 Rx HArder than it looked....Good WOD though.
Marissa31:02  26# kb, du attempts
Kim B28:52 Rx2
Corey B29:54 Rx
Mariah20:58  35#kb 1st rd then 25# shoulder pain owwwieee
Kyle N24:55 Rx Jump Rope came apart
Shannon38:12 Rx2 only counted DU's-not attempts and 20' box, 35#kb
Tracy R29:01  26# kb, du attempts
Janet33:31  26# kb, du attempts
Bobby S24:46  53# KB
Sharon G25:??  3 rds (jammed finger), 12 in box, 35# kbs, du attempts - not my day for du's
Kaitlin33:00 Rx2 Took forever but got it done
Kathy N17:12  18 bj, 26kb
McKenzie18:10  fundementals
Neal19:57  3 rds 24bx, 53kb, DU
Buster21:39 Rx
John New21:05 Rx
Results Posted: 37
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