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Wednesday Jul 1,2015

Hand Stand Pushup, SprintStrength: Strict Press 5 x 3''Hope''Other Posted Results

Hand Stand Pushup, Sprint

12 min Amrap
5 Handstand Push-ups     Rx2: 15 Flash Push-ups
200 m sprint
rest 30 sec

*Score is total number of Completed rounds

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Stephanie CRx2
WillieRx2 HSP progss
Melissa SRx2 15 pu, 100 m of 6th rd
Christine HRx2 +5 hspu's / just the abmat, no more plates!
Randall BRx2 +15 FPU's
LeviRx2 hspu from box
Glen GRx 2' Deficit + 5 HSPU and 100 m Run
Mike GRx
Shane DRx +5 HSPU and 170m (almost 7 full rounds)
John NegRx strict HSPU's
Lance HRx2
Jeff WRx2
Jim LRx2
StanRx2 + 15 fpu
Jim ERx2
Bryan RRx2 +15 push ups and 125m
Jessica GoRx2 11 fpu
MarissaRx2 +15 push ups and 75m
Tracy RRx2 +15 push ups and 80m
Paul BrRx2 Box HSPUs
Tammie Weight/Abmat
Brittany W +5 hspu 10# plate abmat
Bill MRx2 at home, flash pushups, 7 rds + 3 pushups
Shannon +5 HSPU; plate x 2 and ab mat--BUT PRESSING OUT!!!
Jessica BRx 5 hspu
IngridRx +5 HSPU
ChristopherRx2 250m row (knee) plus 15 fpu and 100m
LaceyRx2 hspu progression
Josie4 rounds  f/p masters
Kathy NRx2 box hspu
John NewRx +15 push ups and 125m
BusterRx +15 push ups and 125m
Beth JRx
Jamie C Plate & AbMat
Results Posted: 37
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