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Monday Aug 31,2015

Gymversary Janet-2
Clean + Jerk 1RM330 Abdominals!

Clean + Jerk 1RM

Establish 1 rep max Clean + Jerk
(Squat Clean or Power Clean)

*Press Out is a No Rep

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Melissa S110 Rx 11th
Stephanie C95 Rx 14th
Paul Br125 Rx 135 Overhead but bad form
Randall B185 Rx
Alexis100# Rx
Maggie T75# Rx worked on form
Roland85 Rx 22nd x 3 Reps
Bill M175 Rx 14th
Jyl125 Rx 135 clean
Mike G205 Rx pr
Jeff R245 Rx 4th
Lance H175 Rx
Stan125LBS. Rx 21st
Wanda65# Rx 20th
John Neg205 Rx 11th had 225 several times but being stupid
Jeff W155 Rx 18th Need to work on form- should be more jerk and less press. Work on triple ext.
Susan J70 Rx 19th
Kristi W100 Rx 13th
Sallie75 Rx
Brittany W105 Rx 12th Cleaned 110 couldn't jerk
Marissa85 Rx 16th
Christopher185 Rx 13th
Daniel Ha145 Rx 19th
Scott Shap225 Rx
Tommy P205 Rx
Katie Ba95 Rx
Bobby S205 Rx 11th
Shadia#75 Rx 18th
Lacey100# Rx 13th
Jamie S245 Rx 4th
Kathy N90 Rx 15th Split jerk
Brittany Su135 Rx
Results Posted: 32
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