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Monday Nov 23,2015


3 Rounds
5 Stations each Round
1 min each Station
1 min rest between Rounds

Power Snatch 75/55   Rx2: 55/35  
Box Jump 24/20         Rx: 20/18
Thrusters  75/55        Rx2: 55/35
Chest To Bar              Rx2: Ring rows

''Fight Gone Bad Format''

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Stephanie C186 Rx2
Daniel Ha130 Rx
Joseph R157 Rx2 RX everything but pullups
Melissa S199 Rx3 #45 ps & t, bsu, rr
Christine H116 Rx
Alexis135 Rx2 everything RX except c2b (rings)
Roland135 Rx2 p sna55,bjump24',thrust55, rings
Randall B129 Rx2 Ring Dips instead of C2B
Levi129 Rx
Jyl193 Rx
Scott Shap200 Rx
Susan J181  Mastrs psh press for thrusters 25#
Lance H143 Rx2 75#
Jim L147  45#
Jim E150  msters. with pull ups
Ellen218  masters
John Neg270 Rx 98/90/82
Janet157 Rx2
Mimi200 Rx3 ring row
Marissa156  rx2 but step ups
Mike G278 Rx 104/93/81... Cold medicine may contain steroids
Christopher134 Rx3 RR,SU 24#,85# PS and Thruster
Brittany Su148 Rx
John T140 Rx
Tommy P143 Rx
Linda W188 Rx 63/63/62
Ingrid202 Rx
John New184 Rx
Brittany W149 Rx 51 48 50
Buster191 Rx
Bobby S172 Rx
Jeremy He164 Rx
Josie120 Rx3 45# power snatch, s/u, ring rows
Jeffrey155  65 lbs ring rows
Kathy N184 Rx3 45lb, ringrow, 18boxjump
Stan171 Rx2
Results Posted: 36
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